About Us

RoRo Gallery is a company created as a result of a dream in appreciation of jewelry along with the passion for design and a taste for art – in its many expressions. During the past year, my family and I have worked hard to bring a high quality product using traditional methods, while appreciating and preserving the legacy of one of the finest craftworks: the art of jewelry making.

During the past years, I have dedicated myself to creating paintings and designing jewelry, which led me to create a catalog of the finest pieces and make it available to the public. Essentially, this gallery is created to fulfill the expectations of our customers with quality workmanship and by providing them with unique products. We only work with pure 92.5% sterling silver and sterling silver plated with yellow or rose gold in 18K and 24K. Here at RoRo Gallery, making jewelry is an art – we do not do mass productions, so the designs of our collection are produced in limited quantities ensuring your piece is original.

For our company, the jewelry made in the process is the culmination of a work of art. We are proud to design and create handcrafted jewelry in limited quantities with the seal of quality and perfection from craftsmen, who devote their lives to working silver and practicing quality standards. All to satisfy our customers, who appreciate art in all its extensions and will be proud to show it off.

We are committed to give a professional service to our customers with a warranty of a high quality product and the promise of satisfaction.

 Thank you.

Our commitment to human beings and the environment

At RoRo Gallery we are committed to preserving and exalting the craftsmanship labor of our workers. An essential part of our business is to promote the conservation of traditions that are inherited generation after generation, contributing to the legacy of a traditional and legendary art form. Additionally, through our business and your purchases, we benefit many artisan families whose craft is their livelihood. As designers and traders, we believe in the excellence and exceptional talent of the artisans.

Since our inception we have been deeply committed to preserving the environment and our community. All our collections are made with eco-friendly techniques following the environmental standards for conservation of the Earth. We are against harmful practices to the environment, as well against unfair labor practices. We promote a high standard of ethics, integrity and honesty. For our company the human being is always the most important matter.

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